A little story about us

Thank you for visting our website! Who is J&S, and how did we become the oldest gun shop in Olympia, WA?  Well, theres a story about that!

My name is John Fischer.  I started in the firearms industry back 1993, after having been doing constuction for years.  One day a friend of mine said "you what to go work inside in a machine shop"?  As anyone would say,  I said "heck yeah!" it was cold and raining like hell outside.  So I went to work at Olympic Arms Inc.  I can remember the interview with Bob Schuetz and Brian Schuetz in thier office.  Brian, a big man, said "do you have any experience at running a machine?" I said "no, sir I don't".  He said "will you listen?" I said "yes sir". he said "good come back tomorrow and we shall see."  I was like a boy fresh off the boat!  I started in the shipping room.  Well, let me tell you that was a let down. Lol!  Well the years went flying by.   After that I ran an old turret lathe.  It was a pretty a cool machine;  it had an old jeep wheel for the handle, and I made reciver tubes, handguards and pistol barrels for a few years.  Then Bob came to me one day and said "you want to do some work after you punch out?"  I said "sure."  He said "good go paint the inside of the old building over accross the way." "ok." He liked how it was done so more and more I moved into plant maintance.  He took me under his wing and taught me everthing I know.  But then soon his son, Brian, had taken over and asked me for some help on fixing some machines.  I was like a kid again!  I do love working on a challenge.

Then one day Bob came to me and said "Hey you want to go sell some stuff for me at the gunshow?" Boy, I was thinking, HMMMM should I?  So I talked to my best friend Steve, who worked with me at Oly also.  I was like "Steve what do you think about going and selling some stuff at the gunshow?" He was like "Okay".  So we are all excited, and off we head to a gunshow.  I had never been to one,  and I must say this was exciting.  Driving down to the Portland Oregon gunshow, we talked the whole way about how much money we were going to make.  Boy we were we in for a suprise!  At that time I didnt know them,  but now good friends, George & Roy came up us said you "guys here to sell AR stuff?"  Our eyes light up.  "Why yes we are.  What can I sell you?"  They looked me dead in the eye and said "you are never going to make it, so sell us everything and get out."  We where like "sure buy it all we will see you next week." and then after that it was a slow show. We didn't hardly even make table rent. But soon after,  we started selling more, going to more gunshows and making Bob really good money.  And we made some for ourselves too.  We were doing about 40 shows a year.  What the hell, we were young and the money was good.  So we did what every smart person would do "Hey Steve, lets start a retail gun shop."  What should we call it?  How about J&S for John & Steve.  Not very original, I know, but hey it worked.  So we opened J&S Gun Parts, our first gun shop in Olympia.  That was a big eye opener!  We go and rent a big shop and soon realized we had to fill it with stuff to sell.  We needed more capital,  so I talked to anther one of my good friends, Marcus.  He gave us a loan and even helped us set up our new shop.  Oh boy, we where off and running again!

So lets recap we worked at Olympic Arms, did 40 gunshows a year, and now we have a gun shop.  Boy, we where tired! My bride would ask me if I lived here when I would walk into the house (she loves me, I think).  But soon after she had lost her job.  I was at shotshow and I really wanted a laser engraver, so I was like hey great idea kill two birds with one stone; see my bride more and get her to work at the shop and get some cool laser engraved stuff. So then we opend Olympia Engraving.  Michelle was nervous.  She hadn't worked with me before.  Once we did a project at home building a cat tree.  She had all the plans drawn up, and being me, I tossed them out. We don't need them! Yeah right.  That didn't end well.  Lets just say the cat never got a cat tree.  So now you want me come work with you?  Are you crazy?  Well mabye a little.  But never the less,  she showed up, we unpack the laser, and she was working away in her corner.  She was trying this and that, doing stuff.  It was cool!  It was like this magical machine made cool stuff and she was learning how to do it.  It was working. Yay!  A year or so later, Steve decided that he was tired and wanted out. So we bought his part of the business. 

So know it just being my bride and I, aka Michelle,  it just so happens that her nick name as a kid was SHELL so the J&S now stands for John & Shell.  And boy, I'm telling you it has been great.  She works on her side of the shop, and I work on mine just as every couple should. Lol!  Yes, we have had to move the shop a few times, growing and making things better as we have moved.  Now she has her own showroom and so do I.  We have added a UV printer to the line up of cool things to have with the sign shop. On the gun shop side, I was thinking what else we should add to our servce, so after much thinking and long nights we added Cerakote to the shop.  Cerakote has been a great fit to the shop with Fort lewis being so close, and lots people asking about it.  So I went down to NIC Cerkote and got certifed as a applicator and now we offer Cerkote in house with everything else we do.

This is my story of how and what.  Thanks for all the support over the years!

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