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One Vision, Three Companies

This all started with an idea. Why not take a passion and find a way to make a living doing it? Owner John Fischer has had a life long interest in firearms. Whether it be hunting, shooting sports, self defense, or an individual's Second Amendment right and their personal choice about

gun ownership - the passion has always been there. The question was... How to make a living doing it? After years working in the industry, John and his wife decided in 2003 to begin laying plans to open their first business. By 2004, J&S Gunparts had hung it's shingle in Olympia, on the same site it is to this day.

Before long, it became clear that the Fischer's interests in the industry were many, so many businesses began to evolve out of one. Though J&S Gunparts remains as the central business, and in most cases handles most sales, and effort to streamline gun sales into the new business, "Fatbastard Arms," was begun. This process continues today. Fatbastard Arms now has it's own website which you can visit: HERE

Recently, the Fischers noticed a trend toward custom engraving personal weapons. You have undoubtedly seen engraved AR lowers and beautifully engraved pistol slides. With recent evolution in technology, it has become practical to own an in-house laser engraving kiosk. This is now part of the family of businesses owned by the Fischers and Custom Engraving can be visited: HERE

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